[Saskatchewan] Le service de Police de Regina a fait un calcul du convoi vers Ottawa 

C’est 300 camions qui arrivent de l’Ouest Canadien. Il y’en aura qui se rajouteront en Ontario, Québec et les provinces maritimes. Selon-vous combien de camions défileront devant le Parlement d’Ottawa? 

UPDATE: Truck Convoy Delayed – All Taking Bypass

As the result of continued communication with a truck convoy approaching Regina, there has been a change of traffic plan.  The Regina Police Service Traffic Safety Unit has been in touch throughout the day with truckers approaching the city from both the North and the West.  It now appears both groups of semis, numbering in the hundreds, will be delayed.

This means the anticipated traffic delays in east Regina will not happen*.  All of the semis have now been instructed to use the Regina Bypass to travel south of the City of Regina, rather than have the convoy use the Ring Road and Victoria Avenue East.  The organizers of the convoy have been cooperative, accepting the recommended change.  The Regina Police Service thanks the public for their patience in this matter.

*An earlier version of the convoy route would have had about 300 large trucks exiting the Ring Road, onto Victoria Avenue East at approximately 5:00 p.m.  As indicated above, that plan has now changed.

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